How our startup generated $30k in just 3 days. You can do it too!


Hi everybody.

My name is Vitaly. I work for a Moscow-based startup called Callbackhunter.
And here I would like to share the success story of our team.

So, how to quit spending the enormous amount of money on CPC advertising and start getting real customers and selling more from your website?

Launched in March, 2014, our startup develops an online widget to help small and medium-sized businesses to increase sales. Our widget employs behavioral technologies and at suitable time asks questions, identifying customers’ needs, inquires the phone number and guarantees that managers will call back within 26 seconds.

We had a successful business before, used different promotional techniques, provided an excellent customer service and increased sales. But then we just became bored and started thinking how to reach out our customer much quicker and giving a working B2B solution for clients and marketing managers.

We conducted several research studies and thousands of A\B testings and found out that for some reason 70% of people leave a site within a clear range of 20-30 seconds. So, it takes around 30 seconds for the user to decide on whether to stay on the website or go to another one. Moreover, analyzing results, we noticed a surprising relationship between a call to action and conversion rate.

Here is the relationship:

“Leave a request, we will call you back in 20 minutes!”: 11.3% conversion rate
“Leave a request, we will call you back in 15 minutes!”: 12.6% conversion rate
“Leave a request, we will call you back in 8 minutes!”: 13.9% conversion rate
“Leave a request, we will call you back in 2 minutes!”: 18.5% conversion rate

It turns out that the quicker we promise the visitor to call back, the higher the probability that the visitor will leave a call back request. It became obvious that people are tired of silent online chats, IVRs, busy telephone lines and empty e-mail promises.

In response to this problem, we offer them a free and, more important, instant return call. To perform a quick “call back”, we developed a simple online widget that automates this task. If you like, you can see it as advertising. In short, our IP telephony service links the sales manager and the customer instantly.

Websites with this widget installed immediately double conversion rates and sales of our 30.000 clients. Our revenue was 3 million dollars in 2014. Now we have 3 offices and more than 100 employers and we keep growing. It seems like we have created a new market and have become *big guys*. But we still feel ourselves as a*startup*.

But it’s not just about the money. Customers found it easier to contact companies. They do not need to read a site for hours or hang on voice menu for years as in Bank of America. As a result, more customer calls lead to more sales and more happy people.

The thing is that we want to start working with the US and our platform is ready for our potential clients. Our english-speaking sales team is ready to work. Even now we have few american clients and partners but we still need a better marketing solution.

So, we are curious about:

Would you get a WOW-effect of being called back in 26sec?

What are the best places to advertise our widget?

What is the type of affiliate program fits for this kind of service?

We already run an affiliate program which works pretty good (you will get your commission from clients that bought our plan and indicated your ID. Also you will be paid for every visitor redirected to from your site). Any suggestions based on your experience?

We really do want to get a feedback from you guys. And we really appreciate your time reading this and testing our widget. Feel free to ask questions or give advice.

You can see and test how the service works free of charge. For all readers, we offer 18 minutes to communicate with their customers free. Follow this link


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Your Callbackhunter Team

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