Callbackhunter now has integration with Bitriks24!

The Pinall company has created integration with SaaS CRM Bitrix24. Now you can set yourself the integration with CRM and get lead’s from calls automatically, without wasting time to manually create them!

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Install the free application from Bitrix24 marketplace and start working right now.

The paper business is important incoming calls and requests (Lead’s) from the site.
To work with new and existing clients need CRM. Bitrix24 is a cloud CRM, which is easier to work with clients. Set Bitrix24 clicking on this link and connect CallbackHunter.

Callbackhunter increase conversion, and allows you to process an application from the website of lead’s in CRM. Callbackhunter an online callback widget, which helps to get more calls from the site on the day of installation. The treatment of the site contains information about who has called you through the site and leave a request on the site.
Sharing Bitrix24 Callbackhunter and reduces costs because calls go through CRM Bitrix24, which records:

  • lead in the CRM Bitrix24 into the call from the site,
  • Information on the page where there was docked,
  • The transmission region and the city of the customer,
  • Phone number in international format,
  • Recording a phone call.


This allows you to not worry about how well handled all the «phone calls.» You’ll see all the leads are you on the processing status.


If you do not have Bitrix24 — register on the link and contact us, we helped you to set up communication with CallbackHunter —Bitrix24 and advise on work in Bitrix24 and Callbackhunter.

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Successful Conversion!

Three Steps to to get started:

  1. Register in Bitrix24
  2. Install the application in Marketpleys Bitriks24
  3. Register in Callbackhunter service